Hi, I’m Tanya,
My passion for cooking and eating is what brought my family together when I was a child and continues to do so today with my husband and grown-up children. When I became a mother years ago, my focus became targeted toward clean seasonal eating, fitness, and a positive outlook on life, which are all still important to me today.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational communication and a master’s in business administration and have spent most of my adult life working full-time. I worked in a local cooking school prepping for, writing, and teaching classes. It was a true gem of a job that I enjoyed immensely. I then took it further and taught in a local high school for a couple of years. I taught classes in Culinary Arts and Nutrition, Food, and Fitness. I then stopped teaching and opened my own personal chef business. After a few years, I switched careers entirely due to changes in my personal life. I took a job in hospital administration using my business skills and worked in the corporate environment for over 12 years. 

I got married in August of 2017 and took a break from hospital administration in December of that year. I chose to leave my well-paid job to become a fully engaged wife and partner in the extensive remodel of our beautiful home. That time was not only one of the best years of my life but also gave me the opportunity to get to know who I am and what I truly want out of life.  

Thank you for visiting Just Salt It. This website began in July of 2019 and is my little seedling that I enjoy nurturing and watching grow. I am excited about this adventure every day and look forward to being your guide on the side as we explore my passion for food, fitness, life, and home with you. 

Embrace the miracle of living seasonally, healthy food choices, pushing yourself physically, practicing mindfulness, and being the relentless force in making your life awesome!

Just Salt It, and Enjoy!